Digital Altitude Reviews – Is The ASPIRE System The Real Deal?

digital altitudeWelcome to my review on Digital Altitude!

There has been a lot of talk about Digital Altitude; it seems like todays new “hit”. Well if you’re here looking for information on this company you will find lots of it in this review.

At the end of this review you’ll be able to decide if you want to jump on the Digital Altitude bandwagon or not.

So what exactly is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a company that specializes in training people on how to start their very own successful online business and how to keep it continuously growing.

This company offers many training videos, coaching sessions and live events to help those in training with to excel in their own businesses.

Products Digital Altitude offers

There are several different trainings and products that this company offers to its clients which are

Aspire – this level includes three memberships
1) Aspire Walker- This membership cost $37 per month and gives the client access to 40% commission on each sale, 1 tier payout, the member area and the start up training videos.

2) Aspire Hiker- This membership cost $67 per month and gives the client access to a lot of things some of which includes; the members area, monthly conference calls, weekly training, 3 tiers of payout, resources & Training tools not to mention up to 50% commission.

3) Aspire Climber- This membership cost $127 per month and gives clients access to pretty much everything listed in aspire walker and hiker but with lots more!

Wait that’s not all…

Digital Altitude also offers…

digital altitude

Base: $597

Base membership- this is where you learn a lot on starting and building your business. The things taught in this level are equivalent to what you would be taught in an actual business school.

Rise: cost $1997
This is where you find all the information you need on how to run a digital business. Digital Altitude gives all the practical information you need to help you move on to the next level.

Ascend: cost $9,997
This level gives you access to a workshop kept in Las Vegas that lasts three days! The founder of Digital Altitude, Michael Force, leads this workshop and there are different people (familiar with digital entrepreneurship of course!) who speak at this workshop.

Peak: cost $16,997
This is a retreat for two that lasts about five days. During these five days you will not only hear from different speakers and business leaders but also learn from them.

Apex: cost $27,997
Like Peak, this is a retreat for two but even better, it lasts seven days! During this time you will learn from investing experts who will give you different tips to help your business flourish.

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

Right about now you must be thinking of how exactly you get paid

Digital Altitude has a total of 60 compensation plans! 19 out of the 60-compensation plan give you a monthly commission.

Aspire Walker- With Aspire Walker you can make up to 40% commission, which is $15 a month on 1 tier.

Aspire Hiker- With Aspire Hiker you can make up to 50% commission
Tier 1 -$27 a month
Tier 2 being $7 a month.

Aspire Climber- With Aspire Climber you can make up to 60% commission.
The commission per month for each tier
Tier 1- $76 a month
Tier 2- $13 a month
Tier 3- $6 a month

Base- you get up to 60% commission (about $240 per sale)

Rise- you get up to 60% commission (about $1200 per sale)

Ascend- you can get up to 60% commission (about $6000 per sale)

Peak- you can get up to 60% commission (about 10,200 per sale)

Apex- you get up to 60% commission (about $16, 800 per sale)

Should you join Digital Altitude?

The training, workshops and expert advice that this company offers will help your business to be very successful. With Digital Altitude you have the potential not only to have a successful business but also to earn a lot of money. There have been a lot of success stories shared by many people who have worked with this company and made a killing. This company would be a very good investment to help boost your business, but it is up to you whether or not you would like to try it out for yourself. If you do decide that you will give it a try Digital Altitude offers a 14-day trial for only $1. This trial gives you enough time to check out the company with full access! So you can explore and see if this company is for you.

STEP 1: Watch Video Below Or Click Here… Then Test Drive ASPIRE For $1!



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